About us

Saying that Gop Tun is a mere collective would be selling short the best assets that make them an unique ensemble. One that involves their particular abilities, approaches and tastes by intensifying and amplifying them. Perhaps a more apt definition could be a galactic trope, where the musical core is the main element that unifies and solidifies their interests, passions and ambitions, amalgamating them into one cohesive system.

So what is it really? A vivid constellation of dextrous hands, curious minds and selective ears brought together by true passion for the craft of curating sets, events and tunes that create gawping fun. “Entertuners” some might say quite aptly, as the quintet formed by Gui Scott, Taborda, TYV, Nascii and Kurc have put the Sao Paulo metropolis back into the map of discerning musical experts throughout the world by simply gathering these with an enthusiastic crowd to convey orgiastic moments. Such was the delight for likeminded selectors ranging from prodigies to seasoned connoisseurs.

Conversely, Gop Tun soon started their globe run, diffusing their singular blend of eclecticism throughout the universe of venues and festivals that currently defines the cultural cosmos of musical entertainment and in the process, revived forgotten neighbourhoods of their hometown by throwing exquisite events in unusual locations, conjuring memorable experiences that established a direct connection between Oslo and Bom Retiro, Amsterdam and Brás, Stockholm and Jardins, New York and Vila Madalena.

Naturally, the next development would be to press these adventures and phenomena onto grooves, fostering a label that has everything to become a harbour for artists of the same ilk: with a healthy disregard for local boundaries or global trends. Not only a melting pot, but a galvasing tun, containing powerful rhythmic potions for worldwide dance floors. 

Achievements to be acknowledged if one considers how modest their beginning were in terms of resources, friendly meetings for exchanging files online and offline, but their passion for these lovely aural artefacts we all prize so much and the ambition to take them across the oceans landed the five of them here, there, everywhere. Because if we are to believe –  truly, madly, deeply – that “love will save the day” and that “music is our last foundation” the love for music that propels this glowing troupe.

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