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One of the cornerstone of our Samba heritage, composer Paulinho da Viola, once said “I don’t live in the past, the past lives in me” and this is the kind of powerful message that...

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Universal Linguagem

Loosophonic Tiago (or “James” in this odd Angled Saxophone language) is the international convidado of Tentáculo’s next edição 16/04. If you had problemas translating this simple mensagem we...

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Gop Tun presents Dekmantel Showcase

Gop Tun presents Dekmantel Showcase – 30.01.2016 – 3pm @ Praça das Artes, São Paulo. ”Whatever Dekmantel put their minds to, it seems to be quite brilliant. So far the Amsterdam...

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Gop Tun Verano

To end a unforgettable year of great parties and about time to start a summer love, our last meeting turns 19 December . The party happens in the daytime, starting at 3pm , so lightweight clothing...

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