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Justin Time

Cross Pollination is undoubtedly one of the main traits that makes our scene so rich and diverse. After all, these applied rhythmic technologies are be able to take in all sorts of influences and...

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Studio Barnhus

Even a freeform collective as ourselves has likeminded peers around the globe and we never shy way from praising those that have such a simple and clear cut statement of intentions: “STUDIO BARNHUS...

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One of the cornerstone of our Samba heritage, composer Paulinho da Viola, once said “I don’t live in the past, the past lives in me” and this is the kind of powerful message that...

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Universal Linguagem

Loosophonic Tiago (or “James” in this odd Angled Saxophone language) is the international convidado of Tentáculo’s next edição 16/04. If you had problemas translating this simple mensagem we...

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