About us

Gop Tun is a São Paulo-based party, record label and a unique ensemble, embodied by Bruno Protti, Caio Taborda, Fernando Nascii and Gui Scott. It is a fusion of passions and ambitions, solidified by a bold musical foundation and the belief that parties should be truly fulfilling experiences.

Gop Tun emerged as a cohesive system of selective curators and curious minds, born during challenging times in the city’s nightlife and successfully establishing themselves on the map amongst discerning musical experts and party-goers worldwide.

With monthly full-blown parties featuring diversely great international headliners and two Dekmantel Festival editions brought to São Paulo under their supervision and production team, the crew has come a long way since their first small backyard gatherings, six years ago.

The choice for unusual locations to host the events and the pursue of revitalizing degraded and abandoned places in their hometown are two of the quartet’s hallmarks. After conquering every major city in Brazil, Gop Tun crossed the ocean, establishing a memorable network between Berlin and São Paulo, Amsterdam and Rio, Stockholm and Curitiba, New York and Bogotá.

The natural evolution to these organic connections came in the shape and form of a label. Focused on bridging the gap between South American artists with international names that headline their events, it became a powerful melting pot of global rhythms.

For Gop Tun DJs bookings, get in touch with Carolina Rezende at carolina@coral.ag

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