TYV – BFF – Gop Tun Records

We are really happy to announce TYV’s new EP on Gop Tun Records. You can check it on Bandcamp or in our Spotify.

BFF is a natural step from “Miau,” TYV’s first official offering. Instead of the rigid nuances of his previous works, a natural pulse from breakbeats, and a sense of no boundaries makes this mini-album (or a very long EP) new and unpredictable. While Fett Burger’s remix functions as a gateway drug for unknown ears, Guerrinha (AKA Repetentes 2008) rewire the title track just in time to grab a drink. Instead of his natural gift to maximize the procedures, Guerra extracts the essential oils for a classy dub” —

Artwork by @sometimes__always
Mastered by @matt.karmil

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