16′ Tour City By City

Here goes a recap of what went down on our 16′ Tour before the documentary is up! Come closer to see our adventures in 7 different fun-loving cities where we wreaked havoc with likeminded people, y’all know if you cannot bring you along to the dancefloor for any given reason, we will bring it to you by any means necessary. We know you’ll have (almost) as much fun watching it as we had performing it.


First teaser takes place in Copenhagen, where we played at Jazz Festival twice and had the opportunity to check the biggest record collection of Scandinavia.


The second installment follows us across the Teutonic terrains. Granted that we had to hit Berlin, the bastion of European debauchery, where we heated things up at Salon Zu Wilden Renate, scavenged several record stores and wrapped it all up Bavarian style at Charlie. Vielen dank und bis gleich!

Track: TYV – Miau! (Out soon at Gop Tun Records)


Third teaser takes you along to London, a nightlife metropolis that we hold in the highest regard and where we got involved in multifarious shenanigans: an audiophile’s paradise at Merchants Tavern for a record listening experience in a hi-fi sound system and at the legendary Cut The Rug for their 6th anniversary alongside Ray Mang and their residents.


Back to Scandinavia, we will show you some of the highlights of our visit to the mythical STUDIO BARNHUS, home to some of the members our global musical family such as Kornel Kóvacs and Baba Stiltz, and we will end up at the Into the Valley festival.


And so we arrive at the last stage of our journey, a city with which we have strong ties, as we love everything it has to offer sensorially and it’d be easier to list what we did not do, mostly for time constraints. After 5 countries, seven cities, more than 5000km of roads travelled we return to where it all begun. Here it was time for some daytime proceedings at Red Light Radio as we played with the Rush Hour crew handling strictly fire on decks. Then, for crowning the whole narrative we took you along with us, let’s join our extended Dekmantel family for their mind-blowing festival, where we reassured something we learned from the first time we attended: it is a life-changing experience.

Our Redlight Radio show was recorded live and is ready to listen.

We also prepared you some tips of what to do in Amsterdam, you can read that and ask us to join you whenever you go. :)

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