Kurc, Gop Tun’s in-house witchdoctor and manic selector, gifts us with a relaxing and ecstatic batch of tracks and songs that served as his soundtrack for a rejuvenating sojourn in faraway lands.

Ranging from canonic Ambient to contemporary Jazz, delving into IDM and Leftfield approaches to Dance Music, this playlist is an invitation to a contemplative state where your thoughts can freely wander through harmonies and your spirit can dance across melodies and states of mind.

Come along, as the deeper we go, the better it will feel.

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“Still in process of digesting and assimilating my trip to India in July, I gathered some tracks that, somehow, summon the energy from the places I spent most time while over there. Buddhism, predominant religion in the cities I visited, molded the soundtrack of my experiences over there – mantras, puja ceremonies (rituals at the Buddhist temples) and Tibetan prayers. Naturally the songs I listened to during the trip also ended up being influenced by the vibe of the places by which I passed, so the more relaxed and meditative songs from my playlists were played the most.”

Pat Metheny – The sound of Silence

The original version was recorded in 1964 by Simon & Garfunkel is a staple of my childhood and ths version, played by no other than Pat Metheny captures perfectly the spirit of the Himalaian landscapes where I had the pleasure of spending eight days in Ladakh.

Aphex Twin – #3 (Rhubarb)

Few were the albuns I heard their entirety during my travels and Aphex Twin’s Selected Ambient Works was one of them.

Brian Eno – 1/1

Ambient Music’s originator in one of his most recognisable albums. Enhanced meditative moments warranted.

Ravi Shankar e Philip Glass – Ragas in Minor Scale

Shortly before departing for India I found this record left amidst Protti’s parent’s collection and was immediately swept away by this track which afterwards would serve as the perfect soundtrack for so many long bus trips (whoever had the experience of “flying” on a by throughout India would relate with this song’s adventurous spirit).

Don Cherry – Utopia and Visions

“Organic Music Society” by trumpet player Don Cherry (with the special appearance of legend Nana Vasconcellos) was another album that fit like a glove during my journey.

Idjut Boys – Another Bird

Perfect soundtrack for landing in one of the most amazing airports in the world at the small town of Leh, which is located in the middle of the Himalaias.


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