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Justin Time

Cross Pollination is undoubtedly one of the main traits that makes our scene so rich and diverse. After all, these applied rhythmic technologies are be able to take in all sorts of influences and genres and make it suitable to dancefloor purposes.
Here, the interchange of skills and collabs are the quintessential part of that free flow of talent, and very few do it so uncompromisingly as Justin Van Der Volgen. From fingering the bass’ strings for !!! to creating projects as excellent as TBD with Lee Douglas and The Family with Eric Duncan, this Brooklyn native has been as restless as consistent throughout his efforts in all fronts.
Being this prolific as well as ectlectic was one of the main reasons he was a no-brainer when it came decide who should join our family of collaborators back in 2014 when he arrived with fellow serial thriller Marcos Cabral and why he’s returning to tropical lands to shake the next Tentáculo to exhaustion.


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