Squisitalia! Gui Scott charted his favourite Italo Disco tracks for playing, listening or eating a good pasta

Capo di tutti capi when it comes to joyful eclecticism, Guglielmo di Scotti shares here some of his most prized records in that celebrated genre usually named Italo Disco.

Going beyond the cliched canon that pontificates the the same old tracks and producers, he collects some delicious belters that are guaranteed for some mouth watering enjoyment and all night dancing.

Puro piacere sintetico.

Cheaps – Moliendo Cafe

Gaz Nevada – I.C. Love Affair

Expansives – Life with you

Alexander Robotnick – Dance Boy Dance

Tantra – A Place Called Tarot

Jago – I’m Going To Go

Bandaid – A Tour In Italy (Dub)

Charlie – Spacer Woman

Topo – Ba Ba Go, Go

ASSO – Don’t stop

B.W.H. – Stop

Fockewulf 190 – Body Heat

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