Universal Linguagem

Loosophonic Tiago (or “James” in this odd Angled Saxophone language) is the international convidado of Tentáculo’s next edição 16/04. If you had problemas translating this simple mensagem we kindly sugerimos that you refira to the video below. Afinal, music is a universal linguagem and it should give you a fine exemplo of the kind of deleites we’ll have of this night especial.

Tentáculo’s mission is simple: becoming a never-ending trip throughout uncharted oceans of music. A tantalising trip that involves depth – through infinite layers of experiences – and width – across an endless variety of styles – to reach further realms of consciousness and debauchery.

Intimate, but not elitist; fun, but not silly; devotional, but not fanatic. Tentaculo is a shapeshifting entity, engulfing ideas and adapting itself to provide some of the best dance floor moments. Mantras and tantra.

The dança will be this sábado, 16/04 at Fabriketa. Find seu TICKET below:

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